Control rooms for power plants.
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Control rooms for power plants, which supply cities and rural areas with energy, require complex control station systems, including control station furniture and monitor mounting systems. Vast amounts of data are collected here, which can only be displayed clearly on large screens. Many operators take turns in 24 hours shift operations. Our furniture and monitor mounting systems are designed according to latest ergonomic findings and can therefore be flexibly adjusted to the different physical features of the employees. Sitting / standing workstations are standard here. The safe operation of a power plant can only be guaranteed if the staff in control stations and safety centers can work fully concentrated for 8 hours.

Our construction systems multirack and com-desk, which have been optimized over many years, enable us to systematically manufacture technical furniture in a steady quality at an attractive price/ performance ratio and still respond to individual customer requests. EHMKI, SCHMID has more than 40 years of experience in planning, manufacturing and installing control stations for power plants. When may we prove our efficiency to you?


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